Creative Storage for Small Spaces

The perfect home would have walk-in closets, basements and attics for all the important stuff.  But not every location has a perfect home, especially if you are considering a home in the Popular Louisville neighborhood  – the Highlands.  Highland homes are fill with character and style, but sometimes lack storage that the modern family may need.  But that doesn’t stop families wanting to be close to the festivals, parades and restaurants/bars on Baxtor Avenue.  If you’re handy or know someone who is, there are plenty of ways to build creative storage, even in the smallest spaces. Angela Colley, contributor for shared in a recent article “5 Creative Storage Hacks for Small Spaces” there are tricks for small spaces.

 1.     Make Use of Narrow Walls for Storage Walls that are out of the way or too small to hang pictures and knickknacks—like the narrow wall beside your bathroom sink—often go unused. Instead, hang a few simple floating shelves within arm’s reach. Reduce clutter by using the shelves to store items you’d normally keep on the countertop.

2.     Take Advantage of Vertical Storage Space When you’re trying to store infrequently-used items, think above eye level. Stack wicker baskets along the top of your kitchen cabinets to store small appliances you don’t use often. Install a pot rack from the ceiling to store the pots and pans you don’t use every day. Suspend a clothing rack from the ceiling to store out-of-season items and free up closet space.

3.     Squeeze in More Shelves With a few supplies and some creative thinking, you can easily double the shelving space in your bathroom and kitchen. Place tiered shelving units along your widest shelves to break the large space into smaller, more usable chunks. Attach narrow baskets to the inside of cabinet doors for more storage space.

4.     Turn Doors Into StorageReplace pantry or laundry room doors with reclaimed wooden shutters, available at hardware resale stores and charity shops. Not only will the wooden shutters look great, you can use the other side to hang items—like kitchen utensils or knickknacks—out of sight. If you don’t want to swap out your doors, you can also install pre-built shelving units. Many are designed to fit along the inside of doors and will give you plenty of added storage space.

5.     Reclaim the Space Under Your Cabinets Utilizing the space under your cabinets could free up some room inside of them. By hanging a rack underneath, you could store wineglasses and coffee mugs under the cabinet using less space than you would have needed on the shelves. You can also use the space to install a magnet to hold up metal jars or spice containers.

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