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Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!! Even though the weather isn't going to cooperate this Halloween there are still lots of things to do around Louisville this Halloween with fall festivals and other activities.  One thing to check out before it's too late is the Louisville Jack O'Latern Spectacular at Iroquois Park. With over 5,000 carved pumpkins on the 1/4 mile trail it's a great family activity. The Halloween art show runs until November 1 from dusk to 11pm.  Check out the website for directions and ticket information at


Fall Staging

Fall house staging has to be sharp, because your listing has to sell if you want to close the year out on a high note and leave your sellers feeling satisfied.

Jovan Hackley, Trulia Blog Contributor, says  five ways to help your clients make their real estate listing stand out and get their home sold before the holiday season hits!

1. Suggest Shopping Ahead

These days many sellers are selling to move on to another property. Chances are, your listers have a vision for both the property want and the new furnishings to make the new space into their dream. For sellers who have the budget, encourage them to shop ahead. The dream furniture and non-permanent fixtures for their new space may help their current property sell faster.

2. The “I Have a Dream Speech”

Before you bring up house repairs, find out what your seller’s always wanted to do with the home and never got around to completing. This, sometimes emotional, trip down missed-out memory lane can help you make the case for improvements you know will make the home move.

Sometimes helping sellers revisit their dreams for a property can unlock easy ways to market it as the dream home for someone else.

3. Tally Up the Tax Write-Off

Decluttering always sounds good to an agent, but many sellers need incentive to part with their stuff.

Well, little motivation can compete with money in these situations. If you’re asking your sellers to let go of large amounts of stuff, trying selling them on the idea of a big tax credit for donating their extras. Take inventory and tally up the value of the items you think they should part with. Showing them the tax savings using the Salvation Army or Goodwill donation calculators, especially in extreme situations, may be the motivation to help them let go.

4. List the Inside of it on Craigslist

For your relocating...

Process of Building a New Home

Ever wonder what it takes to build a home.  Check out this photo tour of what a home looks like in the building process. 


Rock Springs Open Houses

Come check out what Rock Springs has to offer this Saturday Oct. 25 from 1-5 pm

11105 Little Rock Court • Louisville, KY 40241
$540,000 - New Construction and a Homearama 2013 Home

5207 Pebble Creek Place •  Louisville, KY 40241
$440,000 – New Construction with FREE Finished Basement!


12 top things to do in Louisville This Fall (Or Anytime, Really)

Staging with the purpose to sell

Studies have shown that staging helps a home sell faster then homes that are not. HGTV, TLC and other networks have provided a variety of shows  over the years that give you suggestions on how to sell your house. No matter how many shows you watch sometimes mistakes can be made that cost you your buyer.

 Tara-Nocholle Nelson; Trulia blog contributor; explains these mistakes in the featured article "5 Staging Mistakes Sellers Think Are Awesome – and How to Change Their Minds”.

  “Nowhere in life is the old adage that beauty is in the eye of the beholder truer than in real estate. One woman’s dream home might be a mid-century modern, Mad Men styled contemporary, while another’s includes all the gingerbread charm of a classic Victorian. But when it comes to prepping a home to be viewed and (fingers crossed!) sold, there is both art and science to staging a home before its listed to maximize its appeal to the broadest number of target buyers.

The challenge is this: staging is an investment, one every seller can’t afford to make (although studies have shown professionally staged homes sell faster and for more than non-staged counterparts). So many sellers take it on as a do-it-yourself project which, like all DIY home improvement projects, can be fantastic or, mmm, not—depending on the approach, skill, and resources of the ‘self’ who does it.

Here are a few common scenarios in which sellers think their staging is awesome and buyers, well, beg to differ. Plus, check out the tactful things agents can say to help get sellers back on track:

1. The sellers used beat up or ugly furnishings and decor.

Great staging—DIY or professional—includes choosing furniture that shows the home off in its best light, and positioning the furnishings optimally, too. Sometimes this can be done using certain pieces of the seller’s furniture. Other times, furniture...

Great Clients...

Over the past few months I have had the pleasure of working with Jockey Chris Landeros and girlfriend Shelby Wilkes, as Chris looks to settle down and purchase a home in Louisville.  Recently he was featured on the front page of the Courier Journal Sports page. The article spoke of his past experiences, his current experience at Churchhill and his future in Louisville. 

I am honored that I have the pleasure to be working with such as great a great couple and I wish him and Shelby the best.  To read more about Chris Landeros check out the Courier Journal Article “ Jockey Chris Landeros reboots in Kentucky” by Jennie Rees at: